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Do you kitchener with a darning/sewing needle or with knitting needles? I tried and tried and tired with a sewing needle and finally decided it's not for me. But with a knitting needle it became so easy for me.

Not that you asked, but here's how I do it. Put the stitches on 2 needles in even amounts (you will need a third needle as your working needle) with the working yarn coming off at the end of one needle (doesn't matter which). Cut the working yarn so there's a length that's 3-5 times the space you need to cover (better safe than sorry!).

Now I will define "pull through": this is when you knit/purl a stitch and instead of keeping it on your right (for right-handers) needle, you pull up on the needle until the tail end comes out of the WIP and dangles. Make sense? All stitches when kitchenering are "pulled through".

So, here it is:
On the front needle (closest to you), purl the first stitch (pull through of course) and drop it off the left needle. Knit the second stitch (pull through [this is the last time I'll say that, just do it on all stitches]) and leave it on the needle.

On the back needle, knit the first stitch and drop it off the left needle. Purl the second stitch and leave it on the needle.

To recap: Front - purl & drop, knit & keep. Back - knit & drop, purl & keep. Repeat.

Hope that helps. =)

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