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hi hayley,
thanks for the comment. funny that you are the library where you are. i like that.
and funny that we both posted pictures of books recently. ;-) i like the idea of making your own cleaning supplies. i'm going to try that. i hate all the strong-smelling, scary cleaning products. i buy the environmentally friendly ones, but it would be nice to make one's own.


yes, i agree. i'd love to make my own. i keep meaning to check out a book on how to do just that.


This is quite the home chemistry set up. I've only go as far as using bi-carb soda and vinegar in various combinations. On the carpet I use a bit of bi-carb to remove the stain and if needed a little bit of vinegar in water afterwards. For the tiles bi-carb and vinegar with water. In the bathroom bi-carb on one sponge and vinegar on another... magic stuff.
Cheers LJ


Thanks so much for sharing this and the link to inspireco---excellent info! I have a septic tank/leach field on my property and don't want to poison my land with chemicals so I use as many natural/homemade products as I can---good for the soil, good for my fam., etc. Mind if I've linked you on my blog?


I love this idea, the homemade soap -
I'm hoping you will post a follow-up with your results...

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