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I chose the surname, Alaska, for myself for several reasons, though I am not from nor have I ever been to Alaska. In my favourite Velvet Underground song, Stephanie Says, there is a line, "they all call her Alaska.. between worlds so the people ask her if it's all in her mind.... They're asking if it's good or bad. It's such an icy feeling. It's so cold in Alaska."
Also, years ago my parents went on a cruise to Alaska where they visited one of the only places on Earth where you can experience complete silence. It had never occured to me that I have never heard silence and I became obsessed with the idea of noise and silence.
The final reaason why I chose Alaska is because I just love how that word looks and sounds. Visually and phonetically it feels perfectly balanced. The harsh "K" is softened with the soft "S"...
As for the Long Beach reference, that is the city where I have lived for almost 8 years and I appreciate it more and more. Each day I discover something amazing about the city and I even though I haven't travelled much, I can just feel that this is one of the greatest cities ever. It is kinda disappointing to have discovered it so early because now I won't be easily impressed with other places. But I am happy here and I can't imagine moving.
So that's me. Kinda.


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