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Miss Scarlett

Yes, sometimes it is helpful to remember that as bad as our lives may get, there are others who suffer such devastating losses they stagger the imagination.
I saw Hotel Rwanda a few months ago and I was sick throughout the whole thing. I have never felt worse - I was one of those people who see the news reports and how little the UN seems to accomplish and have said "The UN should just leave. They aren't making any difference." I will not say that again.
Thank you for sharing that poem. It is a good reminder of what one person standing up can do - even if a course is not diverted, at least they can know they are not alone.
Sorry to hear about your car - phew, good thing you were not in it the other time. Scary stuff.
I hope Champion recovers - you feel so helpless in such a situation. It is pretty hard to help a fish.
I hope your week improves.

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