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Sorry to hear about your poor car! That really sucks... Have you looked into Toyotas? They're known for being really great on gas and the resale values are great. It's an option that I've been seriously looking.

I too drive tons for work but I usually rent. I always find for long trips that it makes a huge difference in gas if I rent a Toyota/Honda type car.

A girlfriend of mine has a Toyota Matrix which she loves (she had a jetta before). It's very roomy and she does a lot of back road driving which in Ontario can be very snowy and dangerous with high winds... she says it's a great alternative to getting an SUV, she feels really safe in it as it's a pretty solid car...

Good luck on your quest!

lori z

we purchased a subaru outback in the fall. it probably only gets 28 mpg on a good day, but being able to fold down the back seats has already made itself very worth while. have fun car shopping!

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