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Oh, yes... I could happily move in there. Change and add a bit... and feel right at home. I've always hankered for a big kitchen table, the kind that makes the days papers seem small.
cheers, grache

Miss Scarlett

I am so joining the no-poo brigade!
I'm going to try and get my Mom to do it too - she has really greasy hair, this might just solve the problem.
I might have to wait til the weekend to really begin 'cause I am going to the hairdresser on Thursday but I am going to try the baking soda wash tomorrow.
I already have a huge box of it in my bathroom for cleaning - this is just one more healthy use for it!
Also - those pics look so relaxing - your dream location is mine too. I would dearly love to live on a farm.


this made my day!
thank you!


yes, country home surprises...i checked out a few older issues from the library today.


ps: keep us posted on the shampoo free lifestyle.


i love country home. that spread is a favourite of mine too. my friends think i'm nuts though. it really isn't like people think. their stylists must have such a good time. i shampoo my hair every couple of days, i guess every 3rd day. it makes it look shiny and not fluffy.


hhmm very nice -- have to agree with you here...love the wood..

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